14th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, ECCOMAS Congress, January 11-15, 2021.#

“Stochastic simulation of turbulent flows using reduced dimensional models: ODT, LEM, HiPS,” D.O. Lignell.

“Hierarchical parcel swapping (HiPS) representation of turbulent flows and mixing,” A.R. Kerstein, D.O. Lignell, M. Behrang, I. Wheeler, T. Starick.

“EHD turbulence in channel flows with inhomogeneous electric fields: A one-dimensional turbulence study,”H. Schmidt, J. Medina, M. Klein.

“An eddy viscosity approach for the One-Dimensional Turbulence model of high Reynolds number flows,” L.S. Freire.

“Economical approaches for simulating droplet microphysics in turbulent clouds,” S.K. Krueger, A.R. Kerstein.

“Inhomogeneous mixing processes in clouds: toward mixed-phase clouds,” F. Hoffmann.

“One-Dimensional Turbulence aspects of internally convective flows,” J. Medina, M. Klein, H. Schmidt. Link to video.

“Deriving eXtended LES (XLES) approaches from the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation,” C. Glawe.

“Modeling one and two passive scalar mixing in turbulent jets using one-dimensional turbulence,” M. Klein, H. Schmidt.

21st ICTW, July 2021, Twente, The Netherlands#

“Transition to the ultimate regime in a stochastic model for thermal convection with internal sources,” M. Klein, H. Schmidt, A. R. Kerstein, Link to video.

25th ICTAM 2020+1, August 22-27, 2021#

“Stochastic modeling of transient boundary layers in high-Rayleigh-number thermal convection,” Marten Klein, Heiko Schmidt, Alan Kerstein, Link to the video.

EMS Annual Meeting, September 3-10, 2021#

“Stochastic modeling of transient surface scalar and momentum fluxes in turbulent boundary layers,” Marten Klein, Heiko Schmidt, Alan Kerstein, Link to the video.

Reduced order modeling and simulation of multiphysical turbulent flows, MS80, June 10, 2022, online workshop, Brandenburg University of Technology, Brigham Young University#

Presentation abstracts

“A Pressure coupled Representative Interactive Linear Eddy Model (RILEM) for heavy duty truck engine combustion simulations,” Nidal Doubiani, Link to the video

“Large-Eddy Simulation with One-Dimensional Turbulence wall model applied to the atmospheric boundary layer,” Livia Freire, Link to the video

“On the modifications to the spatial formulation of the One-Dimensional Turbulence model for internal flows,” Alan Kerstein, Juan A. Medina, Heiko Schmidt, David Lignell, Link to the video

“High-fidelity modeling and simulation of multiple scalar mixing in a coaxial jet using one-dimensional turbulence,” Marten Klein, Christian Zenker, Tommy Starick, Heiko Schmidt, Link to the video

“Towards the evaluation of heat and mass transfer in pipe flows with cocurrent falling films using One-Dimensional Turbulence,” Juan Medina, Heiko Schmidt, Link to the video

“Super-grid Linear Eddy Model as chemical closure for turbulent combustion,” Abhilash Menon, Link to the video